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Hamza Abouabid étudiant en 3 année physique au sien de la faculté des sciences Ain Chock Casablanca , Admin des sites coursfaciles.com et AB7AT.COM

a écrit 73 articles sur le site :).

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  1. Youssef Fabrine dit :


  2. Vinnie dit :

    Good stuff!!! Consistency is important b/c it can make a huge impact on your life – both positive and negative! If you consistently watch tv every night for 5 hours, you will probably be a little over weight and unfullfilled. On the other hand, if you consistently wake up in the morning for a 5 mile run, then you will get in shape and have a sense of aciopmlcshment. #beconsistent!

  3. Jaxon dit :

    Já tive opdtrunioade de trabalhar numa das lojas da Contém 1G e adorei tudo cada produto maravilhoso, tenho algumas coisinhas da marca e é tudo de muito bom gosto e de alta qualidade, não deixa a desejar em nada para as marcas gringas. ^^[]

  4. Marni dit :

    Damn, I wish I could think of soetmhing smart like that!

  5. Joel Rivera / HowieIt may have been forced on people hundreds of years ago, its different now. Religion is open to anyone who is willing to receive. About the opiate of the ignorant masses, I think you refer to this corrupt government, claiming the high road in educating kids in what it wants them to know in an indoctrinating fashion through taxpayer funded failed institutions of public indoctrination called public schools.

  6. Wow I like it I have to wait till june 2010 until breaking dawn comes out (translated)!the DVD of twilight will be in the stores in july 2009, dang it, because of the other region code I can’t buy a copy from amazon or ebay.

  7. Hi Joanna,Taking a break, changing the pace, allowing yourself to breathe….they all conjure up images of refreshment, rejuvenation and renewal.How could an avid reader of your blog POSSIBLY leave now? The inspiration and energy you will get on this retreat will be worth it’s weight in gold for your future posts Enjoy!Conor

  8. Right now I don’t feel comfortable designing for small screens. Seems like a lot of work since manufacturers are not supporting the handheld media type. I prefer to adhere to standards than write all sorts of hacks to support these broken agents.

  9. Hi Adam. I’m glad you found the OpenID support easy to use. I didn’t realize that you couldn’t change the name associated with the account. This is probably an oversight I’ll put it on our list as something we should probably add.

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